Thursday 11 January 2018

Holiday and Back to School Update

The holidays went surprisingly well.  Alex joined us at a family Christmas Eve event and he did very well in the house despite there being a lot of people.  Not to mention, it's a "grown-up-talking" kind of party, as Nathan says.  Both of them handled the late nights and disrupted sleep well.

Alex's favourite presents are a Pocoyo hat and shirt from his Nana, and a 1000 piece puzzle that is a detailed map of Canada, which was from Santa.  Irritatingly, one of the pieces has been lost and despite extensive furniture moving, we can't find it.  We may have to see if Santa can send another piece.

Nathan got some Dr. Who comics which he's been enjoying, but his favourite part of the holiday seems to be having a new audience to pay attention to him.  

We only had one headbanging incident with Alex over the two weeks.  He'd been building something and it got knocked over and he banged his head in frustration.  Since he's been back at school, he's been doing a lot of headbanging and split his forehead open each day.  It's frustrating, especially because there's very little I can do.  

I decided to keep him home for the snow day today.  Usually, I send both kids to school but I think both Alex and school can use the break from each other.

We've been having trouble with our computers, so posting may be spotty for the next while.  I'll do my best to keep up.  I hope everyone else had a good holiday, too, and is back on track for the start of 2018.

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