Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Passed the Public Access Test

Dave, my dad and myself all passed the Public Access Test with Lynyrd, meaning that we are now officially service dog handlers for him, with all the rights and responsibilities thereof.

I'm never entirely comfortable with examinations.  Even if I've done something perfectly a dozen times over, I'm always worried that the one time it counts, I'll make a mistake.

Lynyrd did very well with the food refusal and distraction parts of the test, which were the two parts I was worried about.  (Both are an automatic fail of the entire test, with no second chance.)

The second bit of good news was that the person from NSD said that Alex and Lynyrd were bonding really well and working together as a team really well.  So we may not be too far behind where we would have been if Icon had stayed with us.

Now that the test is completed, it's time to work on getting the two of them ready to go to school.

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