Wednesday, 20 December 2017

In Which We Learn Nathan Is Intolerant To Movie Theatre Popcorn

(For those who have asked, no response from Alex's school yet.  There is a part of me which regrets having to escalate since I have a great deal of respect for the LST and Alex's actual teachers, and I believe they want the best for him, but I'm still furious about yet another proposal to use a helmet.)

Now on to other news...

Last night, we took Nathan to see The Last Jedi (which was awesome, by the way) and he had a great time.  The last two times we took him to the movies, he's had a large popcorn and then ended up throwing up within 12 hours.

Okay, too much popcorn for one little guy.  So this time, we got him the medium and discreetly tucked it away when he got halfway through.

And we still got an upset stomach overnight.  Which suggests to me that there is something in the popcorn which doesn't agree with him.

The interesting thing (which I had time to think about when I was stripping his bed at 3 am) is that I remember going through a similar phase at his age.  Every time I went to the movies between 10 and 12, I remember getting sick from the popcorn.  (At no time did this stop me from getting the popcorn... which probably reveals something significant about my personality.)  Then one day, it just went away and never came back.  Hopefully it will be the same for Nathan.

Meanwhile, he's earned himself a day at home but one working on his school project since I know he's not really sick.  Maybe that makes me a mean Mommy, but in this case, I'm okay with it.

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