Friday 15 December 2017

A Rough Week At School For Alex

After three days of nothing in the communication book, yesterday's note came in to say that Alex has been being aggressive towards the students and staff at school all week.  This is a big enough issue but I also got an email saying that they are concerned about the "health and safety" of the SIBs which happen in the timeout, which is the protocol we have told them to use for the aggression.

Specifically, they are concerned that he has a small cut on his forehead which he is reopening with repeated SIBs, causing him to bleed in class.  He does not tolerate band-aids well, so there is a chance of other people coming in contact with that blood.  (This is a pretty minimal risk as he has no blood-borne diseases, but I can understand the "yuck" factor at play.)

Their response has been to suggest the helmet yet again, despite the repeated times we have told them (and shown them proof) that the helmet will only make things exponentially worse.

This is incredibly frustrating.  Before he went to that school, we hadn't had an incidence of aggression for over a year.  Now it's back to being a daily occurrence but only at school, which means that there is nothing that I can do as a parent to stop it.

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