Thursday, 23 November 2017

Speaking Of Important Things Not Getting Done

As you can guess from yesterday's post, I've been struggling, but it's not just on the personal side of things.  I've also been struggling at work.  Despite increasing my hours and having our other admin help to take over some of my duties, I'm still falling behind and sometimes people are having to go more than a week without a response from me.

Not doing the work I've been entrusted with and paid to do really bothers me.  As a child, I listened to my father complain about staff who would leave promptly at the end of their day or not take the extra time to ensure that their tasks were done above the minimum specifications and I've always striven to be the kind of employee that people can rely on.

But like I said yesterday, sometimes it's just not possible to do it all, no matter how good your intentions are.  There are limitations.  It bothers me a great deal and causes me a lot of stress, but I truly can't see how I could get any more done.

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