Tuesday 14 November 2017

Request for an IEP meeting

It's been very slow getting responses from Alex's school for my request for a meeting to discuss the IEP.  I sense wagons being circled, which makes me doubly disappointed as they've been the ones pushing us to wait for the IEP to discuss anything.  It also makes me wonder if we're really going to get active cooperation.

I find myself instinctively reviewing my actions to see if I've been unfair or overly aggressive.  Have I rocked the boat when I shouldn't have?  But the reality is that I don't think I've been unduly pushy or difficult.  Last year, I provided outside resources, I lost income to volunteer on field trips, and in general, bent over backwards to make things better for the school.  This year, I don't have those same resources, though I'm still providing access to Alex's support network.  I think a certain amount of frustration on my part is only fair.

I just wish I knew what the blockage was.  Are there bureaucratic issues that we don't know about?  By reporting this, are we risking someone's job status?  I really don't want to be a bad guy here, and I don't think the teacher and staff are bad guys either, but there is something stopping this from becoming a full partnership and until I know what it is, there's no way to deal with it and I'm going to continue to be on guard.

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