Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Public Access Test Next Week

We just got word that NSD is coming next week to do our Public Access Test with Lynyrd.  Usually, this happens a few weeks after training but I guess it's been hard to set up a trip to come to Ottawa.  Last time there were multiple families from Ottawa at the training, so I think it was easier to do.

I'm pretty nervous about it.  Lynyrd does very well with commands but I worry that I haven't spent enough time working on the various aspects of the test.  Also, since I didn't do the official practice test, I think that has also affected my confidence.

There are two areas I know will be tense:

- the food drop/refusal (Lynyrd is quick and while he doesn't lunge at food, he's still a dog)
- ignoring toys, especially if in motion 

We're going through a higher toy budget than food budget for him, since he goes after Alex's toys if he doesn't have a toy of his own to play with but he destroys them, sometimes in minutes, but rarely lasting more than a few days.  This was not one of the expenses I'd budgeted for in planning for the dog.

In the end, I remind myself that NSD wants us to succeed and this isn't a nasty attempt to "catch" us in a minor technicality.  They want Lynyrd and our family to do well.

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