Thursday, 30 November 2017

Leftover Enhancement Tactics

As a result of last week's IEP meeting, we're now sending leftovers in Alex's lunch again, in the hopes that if he's not as hungry, then his behaviour will be less of a problem.

We stopped sending leftovers last year, because we were told that the EA who supervised lunch didn't have time to make sure that Alex actually ate the food.  We kept getting them back, uneaten, and it began to affect his ability to eat his dinner.

They've said they will encourage him to eat this time, using the same low-key techniques that we do.  First the leftovers, then preferred food, and using a reward for finishing all of his food.  

And if they don't, I have a backup.  When Alex gets home, I'm checking his lunch box and if the leftovers are still there, I supervise him eating them before he gets screen time.  I'm not sure if this will translate to him eating them at school, but it's the only tactic I have access to right now.

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