Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Something Happened

Yesterday, Alex came home with a blank communication book and a band-aid on his forehead.  Under the band-aid was a small scab on top of the bruised lump which has been present since the second week of September (from head-banging).

Yesterday evening, I found a note from his teacher in my email asking me to call before 3:30 to discuss his day.  I don't check that email account except in the mornings or evenings, so I didn't get the message until way after the deadline.

So clearly, something happened yesterday which has worried staff at the school.  What it is, I don't know, which ramps up the anxiety.  Did he hurt someone?  Did he frighten them?  Did he get away from staff and leave school property?  Are we in for another round of having to discuss the head-banging?  Has the behaviour plan been followed?  

Too many unknowns to create anything resembling a plan at this point.  And since planning is my comfort zone, that means I'm currently out of it.  I'm also feeling pretty discouraged.  He was doing so well 18 months ago.  And I really don't think this is something endemic or puberty-driven.

But, I can't dwell on it too much.  Hopefully his teacher will contact me and I can get to the bottom of this before the end of the day.

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