Tuesday 31 October 2017

Chew Toy Wishes and Stuffing Free Dreams

Before I left, we were having a problem with Lynyrd chewing Alex's stuffies.  I spoke to NSD about it and their advice was simple and to the point:

1) Make sure Alex's stuffies are out of reach in a bin (this is a transitional measure)

2) Provide Lynyrd with his own stuffies (separated in a box and by material)

3) If Lynyrd takes one of Alex's stuffies, take it away and give Lynyrd one of his own

Straightforward and doable.  So when I came home, we went to the pet store and picked up four plush chewable toys, the ones marked as the toughest to destroy.  They were more expensive but I thought it was worth it to have something that would last.

They lasted less than 6 hours before Lynyrd had seams ripped open and stuffing yanked out.  I tried sewing them up with high strength waxed thread.  No deterrent or delay.

So we tried some different chewable plush toys.  Same result.

I've now ordered a third batch.  

Now I don't mind if we have to replace toys fairly frequently.  After all, we had to do that with Alex's chew toys as well.  But I want more than a few hours before I have to take the toy away because it's too damaged.

I'm going to look into getting some canvas of my own and see if I can make something more resistant.  But meanwhile, we'll just have to start getting creative.

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