Thursday, 21 September 2017

Getting Worried Again

After last week's meeting, I was feeling better about Alex's school for this year.  Yesterday, I got a note which has ramped up the anxiety again.

During the meeting, they mentioned that Alex had once tried to headbang against a window the previous year.  The school was concerned about breakage and possibly severe injury and wanted the window to be an exception to the "don't intervene and ignore the behaviour" protocol.

I was nervous about that but thought "It was only once and he never targets windows at home or when we're out.  It shouldn't be an issue."

Well, it's an issue.

He did it again at school yesterday and so I got a note about how this behaviour will be addressed when the team gets together to develop his safety plan.

Now, I understand the school's concerns.  Windows are not like walls and Alex can and does hit his head hard enough to damage drywall.  But at the same time, once Alex realizes that he gets attention for targeting a window, he's going to start doing it more and more so that he gets the reaction.

I've brought in our behaviour consultant to see if there's a way to discourage choosing the windows without encouraging the behaviour.  I can't think of one but hopefully she can.

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