Monday, 11 September 2017

Alex: the DQ Employee

Over the last six months, Alex has been asking to be a "DQ Employee."  He was counting down the days until he turned 16 and would be eligible for a part time job.

This weekend, Alex and my father were at Carlingwood, at the manager at the DQ recognized him, greeting Alex by name.  Then he asked the magic words: Alex, would you like to make your own sundae?

There was a very enthusiastic affirmative from Alex (once he understood).

Under the direction of an employee, Alex used the soft ice cream machine to make his sundae, finishing it off with a little curl.

So a big shout out and thank you to the DQ at Carlingwood mall for making Alex's year.

We'll see if he still wants to be a DQ employee or if that wish has been ticked off his list for now.  But either way, that meant a lot to us.

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