Thursday, 29 June 2017

Report Cards

We got the boys' report cards yesterday and there were some surprises.

First, the pleasant surprise: Nathan has made some real progress in his ability to work with groups and tolerate when other people deviate from the rules as he understands them.

Second, the not-so-pleasant, not-so-surprise, Alex has gone from getting a lot of "Satisfactory" and "Good" to almost all "Needs Improvement".  (There are only 4 grades for those who haven't had the pleasure of a modern report card: Excellent, Good, Satisfactory and Needs Improvement.)

It directly counters the school's breezy assertion of a "good year" where Alex made "lots of progress" during our IPRC meeting.  And backs up my concerns that things are not where they should be.

It's frustrating but underscores the necessity of pushing back.  If we continued to be patient and understanding, they would have continued to alternate between "everything is great" and "crisis mode" and Alex would have been the one caught in the middle.

This year is done and I need to put it in my rearview mirror, while making sure that I set things up so that it doesn't happen again next year or in any other year.

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