Friday 16 June 2017

Getting Summer Set Up

There's only two weeks left of school and so it's time to review all the summer plans and make sure everything will flow together smoothly.  We've got our family trip to Calgary, the boys' usual two weeks with my parents at their cottage, various summer camps and Nathan's riding lessons to coordinate.

I'm a little disappointed that we won't be able to take advantage of the school board's camp option for special needs kids this year.  They require the child to be in attendance for the month of July and since Alex will be joining us in Calgary, it wasn't an option.  That means paying for two weeks of private camp instead, which is not a cheap option.

Nathan will be doing several City of Ottawa camps, which he usually enjoys.  We're not doing a computer camp this year, since he still has trouble controlling his temper around screens.  And he's looking forward to riding again.

We've decided to do one week each for the boys at the cottage this year.  I think some separation will be good.  Unfortunately, the cottage break doesn't line up with my work's shutdown this year, so I've had to make sure that whichever boy is home is occupied while I'm trying to work.

It's not a bad schedule and I should only need extra help during the last two weeks of August, when Alex's camps are done.

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