Thursday, 15 June 2017

Crazy Dog

The last two mornings, I've let Icon out to do his business outside in the backyard and when I go out to remove the evidence, he's going nuts.  Dave calls it Turbo-Charged-Doggie.  Icon dashes around as if being chased by the Hound of Baskerville, picking up random bits of grass and dropping them in other areas of the yard, and barking loudly at me.

His tail is up, so I'm pretty sure he thinks he's playing a game.  But he's not responding to my commands for "Enough" to stop barking or "Stay" to hold still.  He'll respond to a "Come" but immediately dash off again if I try to grab his collar.

I'm going to have to either bring him in before I pick up after him or take him out on a leash so that he can't get away from me and I can cut short his morning crazies when he starts barking.  (I don't mind the dashing around and playing, especially if he's off leash, but the barking is a no-no.  And so is the not listening to my commands.)

All part of the dog-owner learning curve, I guess.

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