Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Nathan's Birthday Party

We had Nathan's birthday party at Funhaven on Saturday and I'm pleased to report that the staff did an amazing job to keep things moving.  We ended up with 10 kids, including Nathan, which worked out perfectly since that was the max for everyone to go at once on the bumper cars.

The kids all seemed to have a good time.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they've cleared out some of their arcade games for other attractions.  It makes it much less noisy than it was, and more tolerable for me.

We did the bumper cars three times, the jungle gym for half an hour and two games of laser tag.  (For which, I maintain, the children cheated since they're short enough to hide easier than the adults could.)  :)

Then the kids got taken upstairs for cake and pizza.  Funhaven accommodated our allergies and food restrictions, getting a hot dog for the one child who was lactose intolerant and making sure the kids who couldn't eat bacon got cheese pizza.

We had a staff host assigned to us and she did a good job at keeping everyone corralled.  She followed us the entire time and was always available and cheerful.  She even helped with handing out presents to Nathan, so that I could concentrate on taking pictures.  

We did have one slight wrinkle, in that one of the parents misunderstood the pick up time and wasn't planning to come for another few hours.  But it got sorted out and the child came back to our house until the parent could come.

A good start to birthday season.

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