Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Back to Exhaustion

Last weekend, I was wearing my author hat for a trade-show (Ad Astra, a conference for speculative fiction writers).  It was a productive and fun weekend, but very exhausting.  And now I'm finding myself having a hard time recovering, which tells me that a week and a half of relaxation was not enough to build up my resources.

I have an appointment with my doctor next week and we'll see how things are going.  Meanwhile, back to the napping system which was working before.

We've been hit by a couple of minor crises.  After a couple of years of cranky functionality, our dryer has decided that running for more than ten minutes at a time is unnecessary.  Then there are a few government sponsored paperwork-hoops for our taxes and my EI application.

And to top it off, Alex has been having an especially difficult time at school lately.  Something is happening between him leaving the house and arriving at school, transforming him from bubbly and cheerful into angry, frustrated and unable to cope.  So Dave will be driving him into school for the rest of this week to see if we can get it sorted out.

This brings back memories of the fall, when the afternoon driver was putting Alex into a seatbelt restraint without telling us.  I don't think this driver would do something similar.  He likes Alex and has always been pleasant with us.  And this could be something entirely out of the driver's control (eg something sensory which happens along the route).  If that is the case, hopefully Dave will pick it up and be able to come up with suggestions.

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