Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Time for Testing

The representative from National Service Dogs is coming today to see how Icon is settling in and do our official Public Access Test.  (I'm not sure if the test will be today or Thursday or Friday as she'll be here for three days.)

Icon has been doing fairly well with the practice tests we've been doing but not so good on the spontaneous stuff.  This morning, Nathan had left a piece of cereal on the floor and Icon ate it.  I tried to take it out of his mouth, but no luck.

He does well with passing other dogs as long as we've moved him out of the way to a sit position (though I still haven't figured out what to do when people bring their dogs right to him).  He can pass the food drop, provided we have our complete attention on him.

It's going to be a busy three days.  But we'll make it all work, one way or the other.

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