Friday 7 April 2017

Service Dog Training: Day 5 (and a half): midnight fire drill

At 3 am, our smoke detector went off.  It rang for 5-10 seconds and then the power cut out.  We immediately got ourselves in gear, grabbing our coats and shoes, Icon's vest and leash, and wallet and purse, then walking the seven flights of stairs down to the lobby.

About half-way down, our sleep-mazed brains clued in that no one else seemed to be trying to evacuate.  Since we were fairly certain that not burning to death is a common goal, I'm going to guess the other alarms didn't go off.  Add in that there was no smoke and we were fairly certain it was a false alarm.  But we kept going.

We got down to the lobby and were the only ones there, aside from the night manager, who was trying to contact the general manager for instructions.

Icon behaved himself very well, although he was clearly nervous.

After forty minute of waiting downstairs, the night manager offered to check out our room to make sure that everything was okay.  We walked back up seven flights of stairs and then confirmed that nothing was obviously combusting or smoldering.

Dave and Icon both went back to sleep fairly quickly.  Which proves that I'm the alpha and they both trust me to figure out if anything went wrong.

The alarm went off again at 5 am, when the power came back on.  This time, it was harder to soothe Icon (probably because all the lights went on and we didn't go downstairs).  I sat with him by his bed for awhile and petted him.  After about fifteen minutes, he went back to sleep and I crawled back into bed to wait for an all too early wake-up.

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