Thursday, 13 April 2017

First week at home

Technically, it hasn't been a full first week as yet, since we came home on Saturday, but it's close enough for blogging purposes.

We've seen an upswing in verbal protests from Alex, all centered around the dog.  I haven't been getting protests about other touchy issues (like brushing hair or teeth).  It's all "No Icon."  But at the same time, Alex seems to really enjoy playing with Icon and petting him, so Dave and I are still betting on "No Icon" being a change protest rather than something specifically about the dog.

Alex has been walking the dog with me in the afternoon, finishing with a good play and romp in the park.  He likes holding the leash, so I usually give him the end while I hold the middle of it.  That lets me control Icon and actually sort of tethers Alex to us, so it's working well.  (We'll see if NSD agrees when they come out to see us next week.)

The school is seeing an increase in bolting.  It's probably a result of the changes and Alex having fewer bolting opportunities at home.

Dave and I have been taking turns sleeping in Alex's room so that we're on hand if anything goes wrong.  So far, no issues, but despite the crappy sleep we're getting on an air mattress on the floor as opposed to our comfy bed, we'll keep going until we're sure that we're past the honeymoon period.

It's an adjustment working everything into our routine.  Walks, doggie bathroom breaks, training time, it's all got to be stuffed into an already full schedule.  But (at the risk of jinxing myself), it's going well.

We have an appointment to introduce Icon to the vet next week and I've gotten him officially registered with the City of Ottawa as a service dog.  We still need to look into pet insurance and other issues, but it's all coming together.

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