Wednesday, 8 March 2017

School Improvements

Alex has been having trouble at school lately.  He's bolting to avoid demands and head-banging when frustrated.  This has especially been a problem when unfamiliar people are in the classroom.

Yesterday, the regular EAs both called in sick, so there were two substitute EAs to help the teacher.  And yet, Alex did his work and did not bolt or head-bang.

I think it helps that yesterday was a snow day, so it was just Alex and one other child in the class.  Fewer distractions and more one-on-one time.  But I also think it helps that they have a consistent set of expectations that can be quickly explained to new people coming into the classroom.

It's likely to be a rough time for Alex over the next month.  Going on our planned vacation and introducing the dog are both going to be big disruptions to our regular schedule and family equilibrium.  But we've gone through such disruptions before and we've managed to (eventually) come out the other side.

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