Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Roadtrip Experiment Day 2

Day two finished and we managed to make it to Atlanta.

The biggest challenge for today was roadside signage.  It turns out Roanoke is a major hub, which means it appears on every roadside sign for over a hundred miles, with a new one every 2-4 miles.  Every single one a trigger for Alex and his desire to ride the elevator of the Market Parking Garage.  No matter how much we have explained and prepared him that we will be stopping on the way back, he was very upset that we didn't stop.  He started demanding that we turn around.

It was a long day of driving and the kids were definitely crankier than yesterday.  Alex only earned his screentime for one driving period and Nathan failed to earn it for most of the morning.  Alex refused to eat dinner, but was happy to chow down on croissants and cheese in the car.

We arrived later than we'd initially planned, so the hotel pool was closed.  We also discovered the hotel we'd picked via the Internet didn't have the room we wanted, so we had to improvise sleeping arrangements.  Alex got the pull out bed, and we'd suggested that Nathan sleep with Dave and I in the king-sized bed for one night.  However, Nathan was not okay with that plan.  He wanted his own bed, a challenge since there was no rollaway cot.  Instead we took the cushions from the pull out couch and made him up a bed on the floor.

Now that we can browse on a computer instead of a phone, we're going to look into alternatives for the rest of the week, but for now, we've made it okay.

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