Friday, 10 March 2017

More Tracking

For the next week, we're going to be tracking Alex's behaviours for National Service Dogs.  I'm guessing this is so that our trainer can have an opportunity to know what sort of things we and the dog need to be ready to deal with.

The training manual they sent us is actually quite interesting with a lot of detail.  The last time I had a dog in the house, I was only a kid, so I wasn't responsible for any of the maintenance and precautionary stuff.  I've been talking to friends who have dogs, so I had some general idea, but as NSD keeps reminding us, it's different with a service dog.  Like the fact that we'll have to brush the dog at least once and preferably twice a day to minimize any loose hair which could cause problems for people with allergies.

Luckily, we already have a great vet and I know of a very good dog groomer, so that's two professional assists off the checklist.  

It also looks like we're going to have a chance to meet the puppy raiser who took care of our dog for the first 18 months.  Hopefully he or she will be pleased with us.  I imagine it's a pretty hard emotional hit to take care of a dog for that long and then have to send it off to someone else's family.

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