Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Back to Work - Prep, prep, prep

As much as I'd like to take some extended time off, duty calls and I need to get back to it.  Yesterday, I went back to work and although it wore me out, I managed to get a fair bit accomplished.

The biggest thing right now is preparing everything for while Dave and I are away doing the service dog training.  My parents will be taking care of Nathan and Alex but there's a lot of things that Dave and I do automatically, that we'll need to make sure to tell them about.

Yesterday was Alex's first Ausome Dance lesson.  It went reasonably well.  The timing isn't great, since between travel and the lesson itself, it stretches well over dinner hour.  And it also conflicts with Nathan's Cub meeting.  They each have one activity per week, and so of course there had to be a schedule conflict.

Last night I took Nathan to his Cub meeting, where he earned his knife permit and I managed not to topple over in exhaustion.  Dave took Alex to dance and tried to keep him from getting obsessed over the elevator.  Luckily the dance classes are only for a few weeks, so we should be able to make it work.

Before my surgery, I did some investigating into getting plane tickets for Calgary.  The service dog doesn't need a ticket, and will be able to come with us in the cabin.  The bad news?  There's no way to have the tickets refundable if it's determined that the dog isn't ready to travel.  

If we wait until we know we can proceed, we may not be able to get a flight.  If we buy in advance, Dave and Alex may end up having to stay home and we'll still be paying for the cost of the tickets.  We're going to talk to the dog trainers next week and see if we can get some idea of what the criteria are, which could give us some idea of whether or not we have a chance of meeting it.

Dave still wants to just cancel the trip entirely, which isn't a surprise, given that he doesn't like travel to begin with.  I'm exhausted and wondering if maybe we should.  We'd end up eating the cost of the hotel, which has already been booked and paid for, but maybe someone else would want to use it.  I'm holding off making a decision, since I know I'm not emotionally in the best place, but it's going to have to be decided soon.

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