Friday 3 February 2017


Three years ago, we applied for Alex to get a service dog through National Service Dogs.  Three years of waiting and fundraising, of wondering and more waiting, and now we've gotten the call to participate in parent training this spring.

It's still not a guarantee.  The parent training is the final hurdle and if NSD decides that we're not suited to having a dog, then we will be done.  But as none of us are psychopaths and we've done some extensive preparation work, I'm fairly confident we'll be approved, which means that Alex will have his service dog before his next birthday.

It's a big game changer for the family.  We've talked about the preparations which need to be made.  We need a larger car to accommodate both kids and the dog in the backseat.  We need to buy the supplies for the dog (leash, food, carrier (not sure about this last one)).  We need to talk to the school and the transport company to make sure there are no problems with the transition.  I also need to find out how this would affect our planned trip to Calgary this summer (if we fly, would the dog fly with Alex in the cabin?  Or be crated?  Do we have to buy the dog a seat?).

Lots of questions, lots of things to find out.  But the waiting and uncertainty is over.  Now we can finally move ahead. 

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