Wednesday 1 February 2017

Timing Challenge

Tomorrow Alex has a dentist appointment.  I'll have to pick him up at lunch time.

Unfortunately, lunchtime is right in the middle of his weekly swimming that day.  If I pick him up before swimming, then he'll be at school for less than two hours.  The teacher has suggested that I meet them at the pool and get Alex before swimming starts, but I'm worried that will only set up a tantrum since he loves swimming and even the elevators at the dentist might not be enough to offset that.

The other challenge is that I've got my own appointment that morning, one that I can't bring Alex along to.  

I'm going to be calling our aides to see if one of them can babysit Alex for the morning at home but most of them work during the day, so I'm not optimistic.  Dave has his own meeting across town at work, one that can't be postponed, so he can't take care of Alex.

This is going to be more difficult that usual.  Fingers crossed on getting it right.

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