Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Time to change up Toileting (Again)

Alex has not been doing well with toileting recently.  We've had a lot of accidents and not a lot of successes in the toilet.  Considering that during the summer, he was racking up 10-12 successes within a 3 week period and it's now taken him over two months to achieve 6 successes, it's a pretty clear indicator that our rewards are no longer motivating.

So we're going to tie toileting to a reward which is consistently motivating: screen time.

If he is successful in the toilet, he can earn screen time. (He still needs to be cooperative.)

If he has an accident in his pants, he can't earn screen time.

Since he also tends to go 2-3 days between productions, we're not going to insist on a daily success.  Rather, his last success (or failure) will determine whether or not screen time is on the table.

It's a drastic step but I think we need to do it.

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