Monday, 6 February 2017

And... back to work

The excitement of getting the date for the dog has definitely made for a giddy weekend.  Dave had to stop me from going to the pet store and immediately picking up supplies.  He's suggested we wait until we go to the information session in March and find out what kind of supplies NSD recommends we get.  Logical, yet not the immediate gratification I was looking for.

It feels a little like preparing for a new baby.  There's a certain amount of "don't jinx it by doing too much in advance" going on.

In other news, we've finally been getting renewed toileting success with Alex.  He had not had a successful BM in the toilet for almost a month and we got two successes in the last week.  We adjusted his toileting routine so that now he only gets the iPad for the sit before bedtime.  The rest of the time, he gets a gummy for successful sitting.  But he can earn more screen time with a success.

We also took away the Senekot laxative.  It's a muscle stimulant that we began to try and encourage daily production but it didn't seem to be very effective.  Since he's actually producing more regularly now that we've removed it, it may have been counterproductive.

It's feeling like a pretty good start to February.  Hopefully we can keep it up.  

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