Tuesday 21 February 2017

A Weekend Break

The boys' grandparents recently came back from a trip to Hawaii and the first thing they wanted was a weekend with their grandchildren.  So Dave and I got two nights on our own, as well as some Hawaiian shirts.  (Regular t-shirts purchased in Hawaii as opposed to the floral print things.)

As soon as we walked back in the door after dropping them off, Dave turned to me and said: is it weird that I miss them already?

Nope, that's what parents are supposed to feel.  The real question is: does it make me a bad parent because I desperately need this break?

And the answer to that one is no, too.  

Raising kids is hard under the best of circumstances.  And as much as I love my boys, they do not constitute the best of circumstances.  It's been an incredibly difficult slog, pretty much since September.  We've been hit with multiple challenges above and beyond the usual.  We've had major regressions in behaviour and toileting.  And we've had fewer opportunities for respite because we've been desperately trying to maintain consistency.

We needed the break.  If it was possible to do so without triggering a crisis, I'd say we still need a much longer break.  Like a week or two without responsibilities.  But that's not going to happen.  So I'll take my weekend of respite and try to savour it as I plunge back into what has become my regular life again.

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