Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Broken Trust

Alex needs supervision.  That's a given.  But lately, he's been actively getting into lots of things that he knows he shouldn't.

Yesterday, Nathan had a massive tantrum.  I had to unlock my room to get a bin for toy confiscation.  While I was in Nathan's room, Alex snuck in to mine and grabbed a bunch of our collectibles.  I found him (one thing he doesn't do is hide what he's done) and took the collectibles back.  While I was doing that, he turned off my computer, destroying the work I'd been doing.

That was all in the space of less than ten minutes.

This morning, while I was making him breakfast, he broke into my room again.  Over the last week, he's gotten hold of our keys and used them to get into the toy storage in the basement.  He's taken things and hidden them.  He's gone after the washing machine, the microwave, the alarm system, anything with a button that beeps when  you push it.  I feel as if I literally can't do anything but sit there and watch him.

And this isn't a matter of him showing some kind of understanding (trying to sneak and hide shows social awareness).  In fact, I think this demonstrates just how low his understanding actually is.  He doesn't care that this stuff gets him into trouble.  He has opportunities and he takes them, with complete disregard of the consequences.  He's aware that I will stop him if I can, so he takes advantage of my divided attention.  That's not social awareness.  Dogs and cats do the same thing when they sneak food from an unattended plate.

I'm trying hard not to yell at him when he does these things.  But my frustration level is high and I'm really worried about what will happen tomorrow.  The cleaners are coming, which means stuff has to stay tidied away.  I also have to work, which means I can't be chasing after him.  If I try to make Alex stay with me, I provoke a massive tantrum.  If I let him go, I invite disaster.  It's yet another example of the no-win scenario that feels as if it's taken over my life.

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