Friday, 9 December 2016

Update on Alex

Since we started using the Advent calendar as a reward for Alex eating his fruit, we've had very little complaining and he's been eating relatively promptly.  He still goes slowly enough that we don't have time for him to have screen time in the morning, but it's nice not to start each day with a battle.

We'll be upping his medication next week, to help him adjust to the erratic schedule for the holidays.  Hopefully that will also help with the head-banging at school.

We're still getting plenty of opposition (head-flips (so he's ostentatiously *not* looking at you), mm-hmms, no s, and whining) but not head-banging at home.  Sounds like some progress to me.

And he's managed to earn two ice-creams for toileting this week.  Slowly, piece by piece, we're getting him back together.  Hopefully we don't lose too much ground over the holidays.

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