Wednesday 9 November 2016

No Santa Claus Parade This Year

First of all, apologies for the sporadic posting lately.  I seem to be hanging on to my organizational skills by my teeth and fingernails and I'm just not keeping up with all of it.

We had a logistical challenge this week.  Nathan has just begun curling on Saturday mornings and this Saturday morning is the Santa Claus parade.  For the last four years, Nathan has marched in the parade with his Scout group.

Dave and I were trying to decide what to do and it occurred to me that Nathan is getting quite mature and this is easily a decision he could make.

So we put it out to him:

- The Santa Claus parade is only once per year, and curling will be for 4 months
- The teachers are giving instruction each week, so missing a week will mean he'll have to catch up on what they've taught.
- Either way, we'll support his decision

He took a night to think about it and decided not to go to the Santa Claus parade this year.  He reasoned that there would still be plenty of Scouts to help out and he thought it was important to learn the new curling skills.

I'll admit, I probably would have had him do the parade, but I'm proud of him for making the decision on his own.

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