Friday 4 November 2016

Can We Please Pick Something Else?

Alex has been having a rough time at school the last few days.  Lots of energy and trouble listening.  (And for those who think he's just bored and not getting enough activity, both of those days were extra activity days with skating and swimming.)  I'm guessing this has been prompted by two factors: increase in sugar after Halloween and a particular Wiggles video.

Alex has been having a lollipop in the evenings after supper from his newly acquired candy stash.  I don't think it's coincidence that his behaviour has suffered at the same time.

But I also think the Wiggles video is having an effect.  It's Black Velvet Band, the story of a prince who falls in love with a girl based solely on her hair accessory (note to world: not the best way to choose a system of government or a life mate).   Alex has been obsessed with the video, scripting it constantly and watching it over and over and over when he has screen time.

The video itself is probably not the issue, but when Alex shows signs of obsession like this, it tends to also be linked to times when we're having trouble with his behaviour.  So today I made him watch something different.  He complained but complied.  We'll see if forcing him to switch up his obsession will help break the pattern.  Sometimes it does, sometimes the obsession simply switches to something new and we're in the exact same situation.

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