Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Picking and Choosing Opportunities

One wouldn't think that May would fill up too quickly before Halloween but we're looking at two competing activities for one of the weekends: Nathan's Cub camp and Alex's school trip. Alex's grade is going to spend a weekend at a camp and the autism class has been included in the invitation.  

We're waiting to hear if this is a parent-included event.  If it's not, then Alex won't be able to go since he needs a fairly high level of supervision.  But if it is, then we have a challenge in that neither Dave nor I are outdoors type people.  Nathan and Avi will be at Cub Camp, so the question is whether or not I can pull myself together enough to deal with Alex for two solid days of camping.

I'm glad the class is being included in these opportunities but I find myself wondering if they've really thought it through.  (Or if I'm not recognizing Alex's potential.)  I could see this being more stressful than fun for the kids.  And I could see it generating some resentment among their neurotypical peers, who are probably looking forward to getting away from parental supervision.

Lots of time to decide and figure things out.  But things like this are going to start coming up more and more as Alex gets older. 

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