Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Nathan's Homework

Nathan has a large project due for school next Monday.  The teacher was good enough to give us two weekends to work on it, which was good, because we definitely needed the extra time.

Here is the challenge: Nathan gets easily frustrated, and when he does, he gets passive.  Since I'm trying not to do this project for him, that gets me frustrated and it means we take a really long time to get anything done.

We've been averaging 2-3 hours per day on this project, which is frankly exhausting.  He's got 9 questions which he has to answer.  We've done one question per day and we'll have to keep on doing that so that he can finish in time to put everything together on a bristol board poster next weekend.

I'm not sure how to boost his confidence except by making him practice doing it on his own and building up a history of success.  But it doesn't seem to be working terribly well.

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