Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Driving Dilemma: Yet Another (Censored) Round

Yesterday I got a call from the transportation company and I thought, oh good, they must have a new driver arranged for Alex.

Instead I had a woman asking me why I was refusing services in the afternoon.  After a few minutes, I realized what has happened.

The afternoon driver still thinks she's supposed to pick up Alex and is pissed off that I've been picking him up.

Once I realized that, I was very direct with the woman and explained that I was not refusing services and that I expected to be assigned a new driver.  When she (somewhat snottily) asked why I would need a new driver, I said: Because the old one lied to me and lied to the school and put my son in a restraint without my permission.


Then a stuttered promise to look into the situation.

I'm not particularly concerned with protecting the driver's reputation among her coworkers and I'm not sympathetic to any attempt to keep this quiet.  If the company chooses to believe the driver's implausible story, that's their choice.  The only choice I care about is that she does not come near Alex again.

I will continue to give the transport company until the end of the week to get back to me about assigning a new driver, but I'm getting less hopeful about their ability to handle it.

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