Thursday, 6 October 2016

Driving Dilemma: Time to Step It Up

I was expecting a call from the supervisor of the transit company after Tuesday's call.  What I was not expecting was for the supervisor to ask me yet again to give the driver another chance.  Nor was I expecting to be told that getting a new driver could take "months and months".

Frankly, I'm calling bulls**t on both those points.

First of all, the request to give the driver another chance tells me that this supervisor's approach to "fixing" the problem is to wait and hope I'll get tired of driving Alex myself.  It also tells me that they don't take her violations seriously.

Second of all, I know for a fact that there are 4 other students going to Alex's school via special transit, all within a few blocks of our house.  There are empty spaces in the two other vans, so there is no immediately obvious barrier to transitioning Alex to one of those vans. 

When I pointed that out to the supervisor, he was surprised and backpedaled, saying someone else was in charge of the schedules and routes.  Which told me that he had not even bothered to check on availability.

The phone call yesterday represents their last opportunity to handle this quietly within the system.  At this point, I am no longer inclined to be understanding and cooperative.  My son is entitled to transit and he is entitled to have a driver who is both competent and trustworthy.

I've had people suggest that I should threaten a lawsuit or media attention to get the company to give me what I want.  Here's the thing: I don't like threatening people into doing the right thing.  If I feel I need the reinforcement of a lawsuit or media, then there is a greater endemic problem which needs to be addressed.  Those are things which should not be used as a threat but as a way to bring attention to those endemic problems.  

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