Friday, 7 October 2016

Driving Dilemma: I've Lost Count of the Installments

Yesterday, I involved the school and OSTA, the company that oversees the transit contracts, in this mess with Alex's former driver.

Both have promised to look into this.

One thing has been bothering me though.  The last time the transit company supervisor talked to me, he tried to pass off the driver's actions as concern for my child's safety.

First of all: garbage.  A driver who is concerned about safety does not drive backwards down a residential street for 150 metres.  Drivers who are concerned about a child's welfare are willing to communicate and do not attempt to hide their actions.

Then it occurred to me: why am I even trusting this woman's account of what happened at all?

Alex has never tried to leave a vehicle in the way she described.  He's got his share of issues but that particular one has never happened.

The only thing I have to go on is that this driver has been irritated and impatient with my son since the first moment I saw her.  She has communication issues and by the most generous interpretation, can't understand the simple concept of "no restraint".  Which would suggest that she would also have difficulty accurately describing what happened.

Worst possible interpretation: she decided to take punitive action against a child who annoyed her for some reason.

I think this may be a valid point to bring up when I speak to OSTA again today.

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