Wednesday 12 October 2016

Driving Dilemma: Hits Keep Coming

Yesterday at 1, I still had not heard anything from the transport company, so I called OSTA, who said that everything was arranged and that the company had confirmed that they'd spoken with me.  I said that they hadn't and the OSTA rep said he would have them contact me immediately.  The plan was to have a temporary driver yesterday with Alex starting with his new driver today.

Okay.  Not great, but at least it was a plan.  After that prompt, I got a call from the transport company confirming that Alex would have a new driver starting Wednesday.  I asked who would be driving him on Tuesday and was told that it would be his original driver.


Told the transport company that I would pick Alex up as that driver would not be transporting my son.  Immediately called OSTA, who said they would look into it.

Transport company called back and said they'd made a mistake, that a temporary driver was assigned for today.

Not great, but okay.  It's now 2 pm, and Alex finishes school within the hour.  Not a lot of notice, but at least everything is set up.  I call the school and confirm that the transport company has been in touch with them.  (That morning apparently.)

Okay, now I'm waiting for Alex to get home.  We quickly move past the time when he should have been back, and I'm worried but not too much.  Perhaps the driver is having trouble navigating or there was a delay.  

About 5 minutes after Alex should have been home, I get a call from the transport company asking if I picked Alex up.  I said no, that I've been waiting for him at home.  The woman then said that they didn't have Alex and would have to find out what happened.

I immediately called the school (and good thing I did because the transport company never called me back) and somehow, Alex was put onto the wrong van.  He was put into the van which will be his regular transport starting Wednesday.  The temporary driver went to the wrong side of the school.  The school reassured me that the driver had Alex and they were on their way.

Fifteen minutes later, the driver showed up.  Alex was in tears and banged his head as soon as he got out of the car.  

I don't know what happened or why they were almost half an hour late.  Did they wait to hear from me before leaving the school?  Was the driver wandering around at random?  Why the h*** didn't the school contact me immediately when there was a problem?

I'm not feeling good about this and I'm exhausted with trying to fight these people.  How much is one person expected to swallow?  And how much am I supposed to dismiss as coincidence?

On the very small bright side, the driver seemed nice and since she drives one of the other children, I've already spoken with his mom and she says that the driver is really good with her child.

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