Monday 17 October 2016

A Great Day at the Museum

Nathan's class has been studying rocks and minerals and his teacher suggested we go and see the Earth exhibit at the Museum of Nature.  Seeing an opportunity to let Nathan show off his knowledge and reinforce what he'd learned, my dad and I took him to the museum on Sunday.

Nathan had a lot of fun, particularly with the over-the-top videos explaining the different ways rocks metamorphose.  (For those who remember the energy drink ads of the early 2010s, it's something like that but explaining how heat, pressure and impact can transform rock.)

There were a number of interactive displays.  Nathan got to build his own volcano and was quite excited when it created a pyroclastic flow and destroyed the little town at the base.  He then tried building another one and created his own chain of islands.  

There were a couple of touch and go moments.  Nathan wanted a box of water from the cafeteria, but (as I anticipated) only drank a little before saying he was done.  I made him carry it home, which he wasn't happy about but eventually complied with.

It was a fun day.  We stopped by the Water exhibit and the dinosaur one as well but spent most of the time in the Earth exhibit.  It's nice to be able to go through the museum and actually look at things rather than blasting through at Alex-speeds.  

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