Thursday, 1 September 2016

School Closures and Decisions

Yesterday, the "updated" report came out from the Ottawa school board, basically giving the exact same information which was given in the fall, a list of schools that are under review to be closed.  Alex's new school is one of the ones listed.

Although I'm sure this won't make me popular with many people, I actually think that combining smaller schools that are half-empty makes sense, especially given the crowding in many other schools.  (Though, I'll admit I'd be equally pleased at busing students from full schools into the half-empty ones if people really want to keep their local schools, but that solution never seems to be one that's considered.)

We won't know until spring whether or not Alex's school will be closed for the following fall.  Knowing the school board, they will delay until the last possible moment, leaving us with precious little time to adjust.  (This is a real pet peeve of mine, since a smooth transition for a child with autism requires a lot of warning and preparation.)

The big questions are: If the school closes, where does he go?  And how will Alex cope with having to make two back-to-back switches?  

We don't know the answers to them.  The first is in the hands of the school board, and I don't expect them to be forthcoming.  I'm sure the contingency plans are already in place but they will refuse to share them with us.  The second we'll only discover once the situation occurs.  

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