Monday, 19 September 2016

Driving Dilemma

Friday was Alex's first day of official transport to Earl of March and it did not go well at all.

First of all, the person who phoned on Thursday to tell me that transport had been arranged would not give me any details such as the driver's name, contact information or when I might expect my child to be picked up.  I got blown off with a breezy assurance that the driver would be in touch shortly.

The driver called 5 minutes before being there to pick Alex up, which was not at all helpful in making sure Alex had a smooth transition.  Then, I got another call asking if Alex was okay to go into the school by himself.  I said it wasn't and got a "too late" reply.  (In his defence, Alex had simply gotten out of the van with the other student and walked inside, the driver realized he didn't know if that was okay and called me.  He said he hadn't been given any information on Alex except a name and address.  Not cool.)  I called the school and they quickly located Alex, but I was not pleased.

The afternoon driver continued the trend.  She missed our house and then Alex tried to get out at the stop sign.  She then drove past our house and backed up a good 50-60 metres (on what is a very busy street with children).  She then parked in front of our neighbour's house and proceeded to blast the horn.

Very not impressed.  Alex had a miserable evening thanks to the noise and I am seriously considering filing complaints with the company.  Right now, the only debate is whether to complain about the individual drivers or go straight for whoever made these idiotic no contact policies.

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