Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Driving Dilemma II: This Time Its Personal

To clarify: our morning driver is lovely.  He's willing to work with me, he has a smile and I trust him with Alex.

Our afternoon driver is a problem, and while I feel some guilt about possibly causing her job problems, it's quickly outweighed by the need to protect Alex.

Yesterday we began with yet another round of leaning on the horn and when I asked her to not do that anymore, her response was that she was in a hurry and didn't have time to wait for me.  I asked again (respectfully but starting to get annoyed) for her to call if there was a concern rather than honking the horn as Alex is sensitive to noise.

I wanted to talk to her about the restraint system that she is insisting on but she only wanted to take off as quickly as possible.  So quickly that Alex's bag was left in her car.  

The restraints really bother me.  Alex has never needed a restraint before and doesn't need one now.  He did try to leave the car (which was inappropriate) but I think that needs to be looked at as part of a larger whole.  He was afraid that she wasn't going to take him home.  And it's not something he's done before.  If I could talk to the driver about the restraints and make sure they were temporary, I'd feel better, but she's either unwilling or unable to talk to me.

After she left, she called my cell and accused Alex of taking something from her car.  She wouldn't tell me what, only that it was "the thing" and that she knew he'd taken it and she wasn't going to drive him anymore if I didn't give it back to her.  I tried to talk to her about the bag and she hung up on me.  I had to call her several different times and got three different misspellings of her address so that we could go pick it up ourselves.

I called the supervisor at the company but missed his return call because I was driving to pick up the bag.  I'm going to try and talk to him again later today.

I don't think I'm a difficult person to deal with.  But this is not an okay way to treat my son or my family and if she is not willing to work with me, then we will not be working with her.  Period.

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