Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Better The Second Time

Alex's second day at camp went much better than his first.  He had the help of an EA who has worked with him before and they moved him to a group of older children, who are a little quieter and more mature.  No reports of head-banging or aggression, which is reassuring.

Nathan and I went out and got his school supplies for next year.  90 minutes of shopping at 3 different stores, but Nathan handled it very well.  We went to Payless instead of Walmart to get his shoes for next year and discovered he'd been wearing a size too large, which may explain why his shoes last year wore out so oddly, scraping up the toes.

We did go to Walmart to pick up his new backpack.  Initially he found one he liked but then we discovered it didn't have the mesh holder for his water-bottle.  I thought we might be in for a tantrum but Nathan put it back and picked out another one.  

Then it was on to Staples for the actual supplies.  (I prefer Staples to Walmart as I find the supplies at Walmart tend to be cheaper and more easily broken.)  Nathan is in grade 4 this year, which means a new and more detailed supply list.  On the plus side, he keeps all of his supplies in his desk rather than having them put in common for the class, so if he wants to have something nicer than the bare minimum, it won't disappear in the first few weeks of school.

A good day, if a long one.  It's nice to see things going smoothly for once.

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