Tuesday 9 August 2016

Back to the Grind

It's actually been something of a rough two week break.  The kids had a fantastic time taking turns with their grandparents at the cottage, but there is definite tension in the air.

Alex is having trouble with his self-injuries, his aggression and his toileting, which makes for a difficult household right now.  He had his first day at Mainstreet Camp yesterday and while they reported it as a good day, they also let me know that he had over a dozen headbangs and several incidents of aggression.  To me, that's not such a good day even if the rest of the time, he was okay.

Hopefully this is mainly a transition issue.  I did have concerns after our site visit during the holiday.  It seemed very loud and chaotic with a lot of low functioning kids.  Alex may be very low functioning socially, but I'm wondering if this was a good choice.  Of course, this was recommended as a camp for him from someone who knows where he is, so maybe this is an unusual circumstance for them.  Or maybe it's just one of those Alex-realities where although he is more advanced than the other kids, his particular limitations mean that this level is the only option.

Nathan is showing high levels of anxiety.  He's convinced his room is haunted.  (I believe in ghosts so I won't tell him that ghosts aren't real though I have explained that our house is not a likely ghost target.)  Most of the time we wind through the ghost-fear to discover another issue at the root: he's running out of space for his toys, he wants to turn off his alarm early, etc.  He won't go upstairs on his own, even in broad daylight, which is inconvenient since he also wants to trade out toys from his room every ten or twenty minutes.

Hopefully we can get through the next few weeks and get back on track.

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