Thursday, 18 August 2016

Another Toileting Breakthrough

Alex had his first spontaneous BM in the toilet outside of the house.  His counselor noticed that he was leaving the room at camp and followed him to the bathroom.  He then went to the toilet and produced, entirely unprompted.

This is a great sign, since it means he's paying attention to what his body is doing.  (There was still a small accident which is less than ideal but this is a transition phase.)

It's very nice to be able to report that after Monday's disaster.  And I got another good bit of news.  The counselor told me that when the other child was pulling Alex's hair on Monday, Alex reacted appropriately.  He walked away the first time, yelled the second time and then stayed by the counselor so that it couldn't happen again.  So even though he decided to take it out on us after, in the moment, he was appropriate.  Another good step.

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