Wednesday, 17 August 2016

A Second Generation Anosmic?

Today, Nathan said something which surprised us.  He said he couldn't tell the difference between a bed where there had been an accident and one where there was lots of sweat.

Now, Nathan's concept of "truth" is a little more fluid than we're comfortable with right now.  He's figured out that people will cut you slack about any number of things in the right circumstances but without the accompanying skill of guessing what would be a plausible circumstance.  But there's a chance that he's telling the truth about this one.

I'm anosmic, which means I can't smell.  I've been that way as long as I can remember and there's a possibility that it is a genetic issue or that it's the result of powerful antibiotics I was given at 6 months old.  Since I don't really have a firm grasp on my 0-6 month memories, could be either way.

If Nathan also has no sense of smell, then it would strongly suggest that I never had one either.

We're going to have to do some testing tonight and see if we can get some answers.

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