Tuesday 16 August 2016

A Little Slice of NOT-Heaven

Yesterday did not go well.  For those interested in an update, the garage door needs to be replaced.  So not a simple fix.  The only advantage: it's not winter so our cars haven't been trapped inside.

And as a final splinter of rotting ice, pick up turned into a war zone.  First, Dave called to say he wasn't going to be able to pick up one of the boys, so I had to do both, always a dicey proposition at the best of times.  Then I discovered that Nathan had hit one of the other campers and lied about it to the counselor.  So we had to have a talk about that, one made very unproductive by his insistence on screaming at me because I "lied" to him about Daddy picking him up.

Then we went to get Alex, who was upset that we were late.  And that Nathan was with me.  And as we arrived, we saw another child shove him.

Prudence suggested separation, so I put one boy in front and one in the back seat of the car.  Unfortunately, Alex decided to throw a massive tantrum, and when that wasn't getting the reaction he wanted, he started pummeling Nathan and I.  (Note: the drive home is only 10 minutes and I spent 8 of them blocking blows.)

Home.  Nathan is refusing to leave the car and I'm trying to get him out and into the house so that I can get Alex out and into time out.  Alex is continuing to lash out physically, screaming at the top of his lungs.  Finally I got Alex pinned down so he couldn't keep hitting Nathan and ordered Nathan to leave the car and go inside.  

Got Alex inside in time out.  Nathan is screaming and crying.  Alex is smashing his head into the wall hard enough that I have a half-dozen new holes in it.  And I am feeling like launching my own temper tantrum if there is the slightest chance it will frighten them both into being quiet and behaving.  (I didn't but it was tempting.)

Loss of screen time all around for the rest of the day.  A long talk with Nathan about the parallels between Alex hitting him and him hitting the other camper.  A constant refrain of demands for screentime from Alex, followed by more tantrums.  (Luckily, without hitting.)

Not a good day.  I can only hope that today goes better.

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