Monday, 4 July 2016

Total Radio Silence

As I write this, it is 10:20 at night and tomorrow morning I am supposed to hand over my child to a completely unknown situation.

I have not received any official information from either the transport driver or the summer school program.  I didn't even get an official notice that Alex was accepted, just a message passed on through his teacher.  I wasn't told where the program will be, the hours it will run or the dates for the program.  

I managed to find out where the program was being held through other parents who had done this before.  I badgered the transport company into giving me the hours.  The school calendar and the transport company are obviously running on different calendars since they give different start dates.

Because none of this was official, I can't know for certain that any of the information I have is correct.  I kept being told that I would get official contact "later" and "later" has officially run out.

This is not even a little bit acceptable.  Even if the transport company shows up tomorrow (which I'll say is a big if since I haven't heard from the driver and it wouldn't be the first time there was a communication issue which left us stranded), I'm not sure I'm comfortable letting Alex go.  I have no idea who he'll be working with or what the program will be.  All I have is hearsay.

I'm very tired of a standard operating procedure which seems to feel that the parents are entirely optional and which forgets or doesn't understand that children with autism need help with transitions.  (Heck, any child needs some basic understanding of what's going on!)

What they have done is not okay.  Which leaves me with a very difficult decision for tomorrow.

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