Wednesday 13 July 2016

Note from Transport

Last week, the driver told us that Alex had been caught peeling away the rubber strips sealing the doors and windows in the van.  Today we got the incident report and there appears to have been more than we initially understood.

In the report, it said that Alex hit the driver twice when he tried to stop Alex from doing it.

That just sinks my stomach.  I want to say "maybe the driver handled it poorly and Alex struck out" but even if that is the case, it is still unacceptable behaviour.

We can't do anything further about it at this time.  He was punished for stripping the rubber (which he knows not to do) and he's not allowed to sit beside that particular temptation any more, reducing the chance of further incident.  The driver still seems to like Alex and be in a good mood, so that's a relief of sorts.

Hopefully this is just a blip.  But it makes me wonder: if he accumulates too many reports, will Alex still be permitted to be in the special transport vans?

I want to say that he will.  Particularly because I've seen children getting quite agitated and violent in his previous van with no apparent consequences.  However, I suspect that driver was not the sort to file reports or let anyone else know about problems, so I can't really use anything which happened in his van as an example.

We know what we need to do if this begins to be a problem: institute consistent consquences for negative behaviour and give consistent rewards for positive behaviour.  Now we just wait and see if we need to put a plan in place.

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